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The Seattle Real Estate Photography Blog

Travel with well known Seattle real estate photographer Dan Achatz, as he shoots homes in the Seattle area.


The other day I mentioned that I charge triple my normal rate for a view home.

What you get for that is crystal clear window views and up to 45 shots. But wait, you can only use 15 shots. That’s true right up to the first price change, then you need 15 more, or else everyone is going to say, oh yes I already seen that place. If you have 15 different shots, it’s as good as a new listing. And if there is more than one price change, you need 15 more. But then that’s not too likely to happen if you have great shots to start with.


If these are the kind of views you have from your listing, I’m going to charge you three times my standard rate, and it’s going to be worth it.

As you can see from these view shots, these are not ideal shooting conditions. They do illustrate one of the biggest problems when it comes to shooting a view home,  it can take at least two trips.

Also, if you want every window in the home to look crystal clear,  requires adjusting each window pane independently to get the optimum view quality. Many high-priced homes have multiple panes with  50 or more panes in each window. This is very time-consuming, but doing it any other way gives inferior results.  It easily triples the post production time.(AKA Photoshop).

The bottom line is this, when you call up with a view home you may experience a little sticker shock, but believe me, you’re getting a deal.

See my next posting for what a good interior view shot should look like.

If you’re thinking about shooting your own listing photos, think twice.

I know agents who decide that a certain house does not really merit having professional photos done. This is a big mistake.  Today’s internet dating goes beyond just looking for a home on the internet. It also helps sellers shop for listing agents. These sellers start by viewing the listings of agents in their area and of agents who have been referred to them by friend or an acquaintance. If your listing photos are bad, or even inconsistent, then there is a good chance that your name will not be on maybe list. Your photographer is a valued member of your team. One that adds real value for the listing side of your business and can help you keep the homes turning on the selling side.

Today’s featured photos. The top photo is from the Bothell area. The bottom one is a staging photo taken in a Greenwood area listing.

I have been neglecting this blog.

I spent most of my spare time last year blogging a photo a day on my other blog. Now that that’s done, I plan to spend more time on this one.

This beautiful brick home is located in Seattle’s Magnolia area. The whole property is in pristine condition inside and out. Even with all the updates which include an updated Master Bath, the house still retains all the charm of the time it was built. It was a rainy gray day, so the exterior shots got a sky replacements.


It was short week, so I thought I would share a kitchen shot from each home that I visited this week.

Most weeks I shoot around 10 homes and  average about 200 miles in my car. My top capacity is 3 homes a day.

Shooting exterior shots in rainy Seattle

I always laugh when one of my fellow real estate photographers from out of state, emails me to say that their shoot was rained out.  One friend who works on a Mediterranean Island, says that they won’t shoot if there is a single cloud in the sky. Here in Seattle we have so many rainy and gray days, that if we didn’t shoot in bad weather, we wouldn’t be able to shoot most of the year. As a result of all this bad weather, northwest real estate photographers have had to learn to make a gray rainy exterior shot pop.

I shot this east side home yesterday. I waited to do the exterior front shot till the very end, in hopes that the weather would improve. It didn’t and although it’s hard to tell, It was raining pretty hard when I fired off this shot. On average I spend about 6 minutes making a gray drab shot look like this.

I included a few interior shots so you could see what they look like on a low light level day.

Tall trees serve to buffer this little gem from the traffic 23rd Ave East.

This 4 bedroom, 2 and a half bath home has nicely updated kitchen and bath areas, and a great private garden just right for entertaining. It’s listed for $535,000.